Cheer Xpress is proud to offer Team Training for High School & College Cheer and Dance Teams as well as for Competitive Dance Teams from Dance Studios. We offer comprehensive camps all year long with targeted training that is designed to help athletes have fun and build their skills like never before.

Serving athletes from all over Nebraska with everything from Cheer Skills Camp, Stunt Camps and Choreography Camps. We also provide Weekly Training for teams.


STUNT CAMP- Take your skills to the next level with a personalized stunt camp. Focus on building technique from the fundamentals through the elite skills! Works with one of our skill-focused coaches to perfect the basics and learn new and creative inversions, transitions, dismounts and pyramids.

STUNT AND TUMBLE CAMP: Interested in a stunt camp but also want to incorporate tumbling? This camp is for you! Combine everything from our stunt camp and add in tumbling to focus on building and polishing your tumbling technique.

PRE-CAMP- The Pre-Camp includes stunt technique, sharpening motions, jumps and more to prepare your team for their summer camp and All-American Tryouts.

COMPLETE CAMP- A compete camp will focus on your team’s needs. This build your own camp style will be customized to fit your style and needs. With the guidance of one of our seasoned coaches, outline your goals and make them happen with our Complete Camp!

WEEKLY SQUAD TRAINING– Cheer/Dance Teams can set up team training practices to come and work with the CX coaches and at our facility on a regular weekly basis. The practices can be formatted to fit the needs of your team. Weekly or Biweekly practice in a safe facility with equipment to properly train and progress. Teams can be coached specifically by CX coaches or with their school coach AND a CX coach. Does your team have plans to compete at State Cheer or hope to attend High School Nationals in the future? These practices can help take your team to the next level. Practices can focus on:

  • Motions, Cheer & Dance
  • Stunting
  • Tumbling
  • Jumps
  • Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility

Dance Studio Competitive Dancers- Tumbling & Flexibility Class for competitive dancers focusing on “Tumbling for Dancers” skills, strength and conditioning. Dance Studio owners please contact CX to set up your classes! Classes focus on:

  • Front & Back walkovers
  • Side Aerials
  • Front Aerials
  • Standing & Round-off back handsprings
  • Tucks
  • Various dance tricks and acro skills