Cheer Xpress offers Individual & Semi-Private Lessons for students wishing to have private instruction in Tumbling, Dance, Cheer or Coed Stunting. Private lessons can be formatted to focus on specific skills that each athlete is wishing to perfect or master.

Private Lessons are GREAT for:

  • Students who are close to mastering a skill and want some extra practice
  • Students who learn best when in an individualized or small group setting
  • Students who are wanting extra gym time to take their skills to the next level
  • Athletes who are getting ready for high school, college or all-star team tryouts

Private Lesson Rates:

  • 30 minute Private Lesson- $30 per lesson
  • 30 minute Semi-Private Lesson (2-3 people)- $20 per person per lesson
  • 1 hour Private Lesson- $50 per lesson
  • 1 hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-3 people)- $40 per person per lesson

How do I sign up for a private lesson?

Please email us at and specify exactly what you are looking for in your private lesson, the age of the athlete, any skills that they are wanting to focus on as well as your availability for lessons. If you have a specific coach that you are wanting to work with please note that in your email, otherwise we will forward your email onto our coach that we think will fit your needs best and be able to offer lessons that fit in your schedule!

Private Lesson Policies

  • Please confirm with the coach prior to a lesson
  • Payment for the private lesson is due at the beginning of the lesson. Coaches have the right to not instruct the lesson if payment is not received that day
  • All students/parents need to sign in when they arrive for their lesson in the Private Lesson Book at our office
  • Do not assume that you will have your lesson at the same time each week unless this is discussed and agreed upon with the coach. You need to schedule your private lesson each time until an official schedule is set up
  • If you need to cancel a private lesson you must notify the coach 24 hours in advance and get a response that they received your message. If you do not hear back from the coach try to contact them again or call the gym. In the case of an emergency (sickness, family emergency, etc.) please contact the coach and gym as early as possible before the lesson
  • Anyone who forgets or does not show up for a scheduled private lesson will still be responsible for paying the instructor. The coaches come into the gym early, stay late, or come in on their days off to do private lessons. When their lesson doesn’t come that is valuable time they could have given to another student wanting a lesson
  • Private Lessons are only to be schedule during CXs normal hours of operation. In the event that a lesson must be scheduled when Cheer Xpress is closed from normal classes, at the beginning or ending of the class day, a parent/adult must stay in the waiting room during the lesson. In the unexpected event of an emergency, we must have at least 2 adults present at the gym at all times.