CDE Minis had a Fun & Successful Cheerleading Season

Cheer & Dance Express Mini Cheerleading Team “Lightning”

The Mini Level 2 Cheerleading Team “Lightning” from Cheer & Dance Express went undefeated in our region during its 2012-’13 competition season. 

The team consisting of 21 girls and 1 boy ages 5-8 – competed regionally and at national cheerleading competitions in Omaha, Council Bluffs, Des Moines and Kansas City and went undefeated in all events.

“The team is very determined and has an extremely great work ethic and focus for such a young age,” Karen Capoun, owner of Cheer & Dance Express. “All team members can perform standing and round-off back handsprings as well as Level 2 stunts, which is amazing for being so little.”

Throughout the season the team attended two national cheerleading competitions, won its division and was named national champion at America’s Best Nationals in Kansas City and at American Championship Nationals in Council Bluffs. The team was also awarded the “Most Entertaining Choreography Award” at Nationals with a routine choreographed by Courtney Capoun, co-owner of Cheer & Dance Express.

Their success in the Midwest led to a berth to Jamfest Cheerleading Super Nationals in Indianapolis, where more than 500 teams gathered – the largest event ever attended by a Cheer & Dance Express team.

Lightning was awarded second place in its division.“Going to Super Nationals was such a great opportunity for Lightning and they had a blast. They had done so great in our region that we felt it was time for them to go to one of the biggest events they could go to for their age and see how they could do with teams from all over the U.S. and Canada,” said Courtney Capoun. “They did amazing and were so excited to see some of the best teams in the world compete. We love to challenge our students and take them out of the Midwest to help them grow in the sport and give them the motivation to keep working together towards their goals. They have so much fun with each other at practices and competitions and it’s so fun to see their love of cheerleading grow each day!”