We have created a list of  FAQ to answer questions and help you make the BEST possible decision! These are some of our most common questions. If you would like more information or have a question that is not answered here please give us a call at 402-489-5111 or email us at info@cheerxpress.com

“What is Cheer Xpress and how long have you been in business?”

Cheer Xpress is a training facility for ages 2 1/2- 18 that focuses on Cheer, Dance & Tumbling. We have once a week recreational classes as well as competition teams. CX has been in business since 1995 and has offered competition cheer since 2004. We are proud to offer many different programs to meet the needs of your entire family, whether you are a 3 year old beginner or an 18 year old elite athlete, we have a place for you!

“What do your cheerleaders cheer for?”

Our cheer programs are performance / competition based. The cheerleaders focus on the athletic aspects of All-Star Cheer including, motions, jumps, dance, tumbling, stunting, cheering, strength, conditioning & performance skills. The All-Star competition teams compete at events in the region and our Rec Cheer classes perform at our recitals and local events. Although our students are asked to perform & make appearances at many events in our community, they do not cheer for a sports team but are ON a highly competitive team. All-Star cheer is extremely athletic & skill based, it’s basically 3 sports wrapped into one: Dance, Gymnastics & Acrobatic Tricks/Stunts! All-Star teams compete against other programs from all over the country, like CX. This is the type of cheerleading you often see showcased on ESPN!

“How are tumbling classes at CX different from gymnastics classes?”

Tumbling at CX is strictly floorwork tumbling. No other aparatus such as balance beam or bars are introduced to the students. The athletes work on our spring floor, foam floor, in-ground trampoline, tumble-track and foam pit. Various mats and equipment are used in tumbling classes. Students begin by working basics such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backwalkovers and eventually progress to backhandsprings, tucks and full twisting layouts.

“At what age do you start classes at Cheer Xpress?”

CX begins offering tumbling & Rec cheer at 2 1/2 years. Students must be potty-trained and be able to seperate from their parents. We allow parents of really young students to come into the class the first week or so to help get them accustomed to the gym and teachers! Rec Dance classes begin at the age of 3. Competition Cheer begins at 4 years old.

“My child has never done any cheer or tumbling before, is it too late to have her start classes at the age of 14?”

It’s never to late to start training! We are proud to offer classes for ALL ages & levels. We have recreational & competitive teams for beginning students of all ages so don’t worry about starting later in life! CX breaks students up by age & level in cheer, dance & tumbling classes.

“How much does it cost to take class at Cheer Xpress?”

Your monthly tuition will vary depending upon the number of classes you take. Rec Cheer, Dance & Tumbling classes run 1 hour in length. The more classes you take per week, the more each additional class is discounted.

LINCOLN LOCATION RATES- One- 1 hour class/week is $55/month tuition. Two- 1 hour classes/week are $90/month. Three- 1 hour classes/week is $110/month. Over 3 hours of class a week is $115/month-Unlimited Classes and you can take as many classes per week as you would like.

BEATRICE LOCATION RATES- One-1 hour class/week is $45/month tuition. Two- 1 hour classes/week are $60/month.

“Does Cheer Xpress give discounts for additional family members?

Yes we do! CX offers discounts for multiple children in a family: 2nd child receives 10% off tuition, 3rd child receives 15% off and the 4th child in a family is FREE!

“We have a very busy schedule, Can I sign up for classes on a month-to-month basis?”

You sure can! Tuition is paid on a monthly basis so you can add in, drop or change Rec classes at any time! Competition teams sign up for either “Full-Year” or “Half-Year” commitment.

“What do students wear for classes at CX?”

Students need to wear comfortable clothes that they can move in, preferably tighter fitted clothes in order to be safely spotted. Students can wear a tank top and shorts or yoga pants, a leotard with shorts/skirt, leggings and a fitted tee, etc. Please have hair pulled back for class! ALL cheer & tumbling classes, students wear tennis shoes or cheer shoes.

Thank you for your interest in our program! We are excited to meet you and for you to become a part of the Cheer Xpress Family! Please take a moment to enter your name and email address into the box in the upper right hand of this page and we can share some of our great products with you!  If you would rather call us at (402) 489-5111, we can give you more information about our programs and schedule a tour of our facility!