The Cheer Xpress staff are always proud to see their students continue their love of cheer & dance in college. Congrats to our students who performed or will be performing after high school!

More pictures coming!

Jadyn Huenink- ’18- University of Nebraska Cheer Team

Hailey Barton- ’18- Midland University Cheer Team

Taylor Slama- ’17- University of Nebraska Cheer Team

Hannah Howerter- ’16- University of Louisville Cheer Team

Alli O’Shea- ’16- Kansas University Cheer Team

Emily Schultz- ’16- Iowa State University Cheer Team

Taylor Headley- ’16- Kansas State University Cheer Team

Sarah Kerrigan- ’16- Kansas State University Cheer Team

Erika Etzelmiller- ’16- University of Nebraska Cheer Team

Hannah Burmeister- ’16- University of Nebraska Cheer Team

Hannah Hoffman ’15- Wesleyan University Cheer Team

Delaney Baxa ’15- Chadron State Cheer Team

Brenna Doeschot ’15- Midland University Cheer Team


Allison Russell ’15- Kansas University Cheer Team


Sarah Sieps ’15- University of Nebraska- Lincoln Cheer Team


Alyson Matulka ’15- University of Nebraska- Kearney Cheer Team


Meredith Bowen ’14- University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cheer Team


Mariah Bade ’14- Iowa Central Cheer Team


Brittany Klich ’14- Midland University Cheer Team


Kelly Sieps ’13- University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cheer Team


Madeline Kenney ’13-  Layola University Cheer Team


Kayla Murray ’13- Iowa Western University Cheer Team / Midland University Cheer Team ’14

Katelyn Frank ’13- Allen Community College Cheer Team


Cami Smith ’12- Colorado State University Cheer Team


Melody Claus ’12- University of Nebraska- Lincoln Cheer Team


Shelby Muhn ’12- Central Michigan University- Dance Team

Sydney Rotthaus & Maggie Morehouse ’12- UCA Summer Camp Instructors


Randi Todd ’12-  University of Nebraska- Kearney- Cheer Team

Anne Marie Rye ’05– University of Nebraska-Lincoln- Cheer Team- 5 years

Kati Poppert ’07- University of Nebraska-Lincoln- Cheer Team

376939_10100575749590173_1793165978_nCourtney Capoun ’03- University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Scarlets Dance Team