OUR STORY:  “As told by Owner, Karen Yontz-Capoun”


Although cheer has changed a lot over the years, I fell in love with it while in high school. I was awarded the Top All-American at cheer camp and many years later it’s exciting to watch my students win the same award! After being a dance major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln I decided it was time to open my own studio.

I wanted to start out small and began my first business in Schuyler, NE. It was a great learning experience to start out and I loved every minute of it! Although I loved the small-town life I still believed that there was more for me to learn about the business. After starting a family, we decided to move to Orlando, FL! This is where I was exposed to so many phenomenal opportunities and really was able to grow not only as a dancer but as a teacher and business owner!

I opened Lake Mary Dance Academy in Florida in 1986 and within 5 years that studio had grown to around 500 students. I then proceeded to open a second studio in Florida at a nearby town, Deltona Dance Academy in 1990. While in Florida I was given many opportunities that really molded who I am today! I was selected as the Choreographer for the Miss Florida pageants and then traveled as the choreographer for USO tour. My students were invited to perform numerous times at Disney World, Universal Studios, on “Kids Corner” Television Show, and at Bowl Games! Our time in Florida gave my daughter, Courtney, and I so many experiences in the industry that we would have never been exposed to.  Cheer was already a growing sport in the south and it was fun for my daughter to get involved in the sport at a young age! This is when I realized that I was not only impacting my students lives in the present but helping mold who they would become in their future. Many of my students were going on to great things such as being professional dancers, Disney performers, TV actors and even cheer/dance business owners! I know that participating in dance and cheer gave them the confidence and determination to go after their goals!

Owners of CX: Karen Yontz-Capoun & Courtney Capoun

After living in Florida for 9 years and learning so many new things I really wanted to bring back my ideas to the Midwest! I always loved Nebraska and felt it was time to move back to “The Good Life”! I opened Dance Express in Lincoln in 1995. Although cheerleading was already a growing sport in the South, there were not many “All-Star Cheer” competitive programs around this region. For the first 9 years of being back in Nebraska we offered recreational dance and cheer classes as well as competitive dance. As the world of “All-Star Cheer” grew towards the north we began getting more interest in our rec cheer classes. My daughter, Courtney was now a sophomore at the University of Nebraska and in 2004 we decided it was time for us to start a competitive cheer program together. This is when we became known as Cheer & Dance Express!

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NEW Cheer Xpress Lincoln Facility

We began our competitive cheer program & tumbling classes at first by renting floor space from local gymnastics academies and in 2007 we moved into our own gym that we called home until August 2014!  Our state of the art facility was a dream come true and we knew that we had the space to accommodate our quickly growing cheer program! In September of 2011 Cheer Xpress expanded adding an additional 4,000 sq.ft. as a second cheer gym was needed in the facility.

In September 2012, the Cheer Xpress family grew again when we opened our doors to our second location in the state, in Beatrice, Nebraska! We had been searching for a while to find the right community where we wanted to open our doors and we knew Beatrice was the right place. When we opened our doors we already had 100 athletes signed up! Our recreational classes and competition teams are growing very quickly and we love all of the athletes who drive in from surrounding towns to be a part of our program.

In September 2014, Cheer Xpress will be opening it’s doors to a brand new training facility in Lincoln located just southwest of 14th and Pine Lake (south of Southwest High School). We’ve always dreamed of having our very own building and now the dream is coming true! The amazing new facility will be home to 2 full-size spring cheer floors, a spring tumbling floor, a 40ft. tumble track, a rod tumbling floor, a large foam resi pit, a rec cheer room, a dance/modeling room, our Spirit Shop, and a ton of parent viewing areas! We are so excited and cannot wait to move in!

“The Cheer Xpress gym atmosphere instills pride in hard work, compassion, confidence in self, and high moral character- It’s hard to imagine a better set of skills they could teach children and young adults.” – Eve Brank (CX Parent)

We are proud to offer Full-Year and Half-Year Competitive cheer programs, Recreational Cheer, & Tumbling classes, a Special Needs Cheer Program, Private Lessons, High School Cheer Training Program, Stunting classes as well as Skills Camps and Choreography Camps! Our programs are for Girls & Boys, Ages 2 ½- 18 as well as an “Open Program” for ages 18 & up! This means that your family can get all of their classes in one training center! We’ve put together a FUN program that instills “Confidence, Character and Coordination” whether you are a 3 year old beginner or a 18 year old elite athlete!

“I love Cheer Xpress! You’re not just joining a program, it becomes a part of YOU!” – Hannah Howerter (CX Student)

Our Mission

Coach Kelsey working with a young student

At Cheer Xpress, we motivate our students to reach their full potential by instilling confidence & self discipline all in a FUN & SAFE environment. By team work, perseverance, and dedication our students develop the self-esteem and strength to accomplish their goals and become champions in life!

“Some of the best testimonials that we receive are from parents who tell us that they have seen a growth in their child. We are teaching more than just cheer & dance and when a child is excelling in all areas of life then we know we are doing our job right!” –Courtney Capoun, CX Co-Owner

Teammates become Family at CX

This means you can expect an organized, well-run program for your child. Good communication & planning is imperative for children’s activities and our up-to-date website, facebook page, twitter, email/message boards and friendly office staff are here to help and keep you informed! We believe children grow from being involved in many activities and we want to be able to offer programs of all different levels of commitment!  We are proud to be one of two training facilities in the entire state of Nebraska to offer Level 1 through Level 5 competitive teams as well as the only program to have locations in 2 different towns!

There’s a place for every child at Cheer Xpress!

Whether you’re looking for a once a week after school activity or a competitive sport for your child, Cheer Xpress is here to develop “Confidence, Character & Coordination!” Thank you for your interest in our program! We are excited to meet you and for you to become a part of the Cheer Xpress Family! Please take a moment to enter your name and email address into the box in the upper right hand of this page and we can share some of our great products with you!  If you would rather call us at (402) 489-5111, we can give you more information about our programs and schedule a tour of our facility!

I’m confident that once you see our facility and meet our amazing staff & students, Cheer Xpress will be exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Karen Yontz-Capoun