PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST BEFORE LOOKING FOR YOUR NEW TEAM! A few important reminders and some new info! 

1) Teams are still developing, some athletes are still being evaluated (people that joined into tryouts late or had an injury) and nothing will be officially set in stone until choreography camp. We are not announcing the levels of the teams at this time as we are having the teams EARN their level and work for whatever level they want to and are able to compete at. This requires them being able to stunt and tumble together as a team! We think the athletes will enjoy this challenge and continue to keep pushing themselves and their team members even after tryouts are over. If we have athletes who are not able to hang with the rest of the team, and are not able to perform the skills they did to make the team or are losing skills, those athletes will be warned and put on a “probation period” and then if they do not improve will be moved to a different team. Athletes will receive a skill contract of what they are expected to be able to perform skill wise in their routine once we have teams set and parents & athletes will sign it to ensure they understand their expectations and the parts their team is counting on them for! This will help ensure parents are in the loop and coaches will let parents know right away if their athlete is ever requiring any additional practice to perform those skills. 

2) We have selected alternates for each team based on athletes who almost had all the skills to make the team, athletes who were almost ready to be on an older team OR athletes that maybe wanted a second team but we didn’t have a position for them on an additional team. If you choose to accept your position as the alternate, your athlete will attend practice once a week with that team to continue building their skills and be trained for free in that level with the alternate stunt group. They will learn the routine and the same stunt sequence. If we have an athlete who is absent from practice or an athlete with an injury, the alternate will fill in. The alternates will have the opportunity to compete with the team when someone is unable to or if an athlete is having an attendance issue and not allowed to compete. We will have a competition towards the end of the season that the alternate stunt group will get to compete at with the team (as long as they can perform the stunts) as a thank you for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. 

3) Once teams are announced we need everyone to follow the 48 hour rule and not contact us about your child’s placement for at least 48 hours. After 48 hours If you still have strong feelings or questions about their placement, The only method of correspondence we will accept is an email to after 5pm on Monday. Please give us 24 hours to review and respond to your email by Tuesday evening. At that point we can set up a meeting for you to come in and talk with Karen, Craig and any other coaches that may be needed. If you contact us prior to Monday evening, or you contact us or any other coaches in any other manner other that that email, your child will potentially be removed from our teams. It is a holiday weekend and they are not going to talk to you right now. Our coaches have worked extremely hard to find a fit for every athlete, based on their skills, age, maturity, position they will hold on the team and their future development of stunting and tumbling skills. Our goal is for every athlete to be on a team where they can be 100% involved in all aspects of the routine and are extremely confident in their skills. Please trust the judgement of the coaches. We have done this for a very long time and although something might not be what you feel is best for your child or what your child wanted.. you need to know there is a reason behind our decisions and the trained professionals are looking at the scoring grids and how to make the TEAM as strong as possible. That might mean your athlete being on a different team or position than they hoped for, but if they have an open mind and positive attitude, they will see why they are an important piece of the puzzle for the team they were selected for this season! Decisions are not 100% set in stone yet and if we see an athlete who was on the fence continue to work hard, develop their skills, perfect their technique and have a positive attitude… we will always watch for athletes we can reward for their hard work and will make changes if we feel they are necessary. 

4) Athletes on a Youth, junior or senior Allstar elite team also have a required 1 hour tumbling class that is a part of their weekly practice and included in their tuition. When you come for orientation this coming week, you will sign up for a tumbling class time. We have some offered either before or after a practice or you can choose a completely different day or you wish. 

5) ORIENTATION! Everyone MUST stop into CX this week (Tues, Wed or Thurs) between 4:30-9pm to do new team orientation! Review and sign our policies and procedures, pick your tumbling class, and much more! 

Thank you for being patient with our process. We have really been able to evaluate the athletes and stunt groups the past few weeks and are super excited for this season. The kids have been so amazing to work with and we know it will just keep getting better! 

We have given you the summer practice schedule on the team announcements. This week at their Welcome Week practices (summer practice schedule on their team list) we will also be revealing their team “theme” for the season!!! NO PRACTICE MONDAY- Memorial Day. We can’t wait!!! Thank you all for being amazing supporters of our CX family!

WELCOME TO SEASON 16 of Cheer Xpress! Here are our new teams!